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SEO Tutorial | Article Writing

organic seo tutorial article writing
SEO Tutorial - Article Writing
Dear friends, in this SEO Tutorial, I shall discuss about a very important topic of On-Page Optimization. SEO Tutorial for Article Writing is very essential for the SEO beginners and for the site owners.

In fact, Article is continuously used at the time of quality link building and it’s definitely an art. We will surely have the perfect formula from top to bottom of article writing. In case of our content is undesirable, no one will actually know us, because nobody will ever read this thoroughly.

Good articles begin with introductory material, continue having a clear structure, and end with standard appendix including references and related articles. When the visitors will like the article they'll certainly share it using their friends and the procedure will automatically create valuable links for our website. Therefore, we should know the basic concepts of writing articles. In this SEO Tutorial, here are the details about article writing to be discussed-

Choose topic carefully: The internet has now got plenty of lazy how-to articles composed by under-qualified persons. One of the best methods of improving the quality of our own writing is to read other people's writing. We must have a relevant topic with the client’s product and the targeted customers. Such as, if our product is car, then we can select “Car fuel saving tips” as a topic that will attract our targeted customers and divert them to the client’s landing page. As a matter of fact, we’ve to select a non-commercial topic; otherwise, none will continue to read.

Rewriting: Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis famously said, "There is no great writing, only great rewriting." We must have relevant information about our topic, but this information can not be provided in our article directly without processing. Data recording, analysis, validation, scraping, sorting, summarizing are included in the data processing. We get to omit any information that isn't necessary and avoid the useless content. We have to make our content unique and exceptional. 

Make it easy to read: Our content structure is one of the most important aspects to the readers. We shall make sure that there are a clearly defined beginning, middle and end. Readers have lots of articles to read, and rarely care about our content. We can write about anything, as long as our content is relevant and there is a clear structure. Everybody feels much more comfortable to read simple and also informative articles. We must take a few minutes before the observation to think about what we will write.

Avoid keyword stuffing: One of the major logic behind why many articles fail to appeal is while the writer focused much more on his keywords than his audience. Keyword stuffing is the actual practice of inserting a lot of keywords into web content material and Meta tag within the attempt to artificially improve a page's ranking in search results and drive more visitors towards the site. This tries to fool the search engine into thinking that a webpage is of more relevance since it uses the key phrase loads of times. The search engines have algorithms for detecting this and can penalize a site with regard to using these techniques.

Title: A good SEO Tutorial tip for article writing is that the title must be absorbing and provides the readers with a specific idea of what we are going to say. Suppose, they are our own sole reader, and we are writing directly for them. It will be helpful to start with a catchy title. Attractive title can carry out great things for improving the quality of our articles.

Focus on the reader's attention: The opening few lines are very important. We must address an issue or problem, engage the reader and open a type of conversation that causes the reader to concentrate. Suppose, if our client’s product is Laptop Computer, we can focus on a topic such as “Eye care tips for the computer users”. This will help make our article sound more genuine, much more sincere, and more centered on the readers. 

Introductory material: Good articles begin with a brief lead section introducing the topic. The lead section should come above the first header; it is almost never effective to add something like =Introduction=. Sometimes, the first section following the lead is a broad summary of the topic, and is referred to as “Overview’, although more specific part titles and structures are usually preferred. We are to write an introduction that summarizes our article. Readers read an article’s introduction to ensure its right for their particular needs.  
Bold and Italics make our Point: We can use bold and italics which will help to make our point. It is perfectly good and helps the scanners to keep on point. We shall be able to draw readers’ attention by making bold points. The article without points can not attract the readers. So the article needs to be decorated through the points.

Size: Extremely long articles should usually be avoided. Articles should ideally contain fewer than 50KB worth of prose. When an article is long and contains many sub articles, make an effort to balance the main page. More information can be inserted into the lower writing; otherwise, readers may be impatience.

Add additional tips or advice: The final SEO Tutorial tip for article writing is that following the main steps, we have an opportunity to add additional tips to the end of the article. We can provide alternative supplies or solutions to common problems with the task. Optional appendix sections containing the next information can appear after the body of the article such as a list of books; notes and references; a list of inbound links to related the articles.

Dear friends, this SEO Tutorial is ending here. I shall come to bring with next SEO Tutorial about other part of On-Page section. Until then, stay with us. Thanks.

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