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SEO Tutorial | HTML Meta Tag for Blogger

seo tutorial blogger html meta tag
SEO Tutorial - HTML Meta Tag for Blogger
In this SEO Tutorial, I shall discuss about meta tags, which are very important for your website’s on-page optimization

We have to know about meta tag and its usage in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) code. So, let’s try to understand this SEO Tutorial about HTML meta tag for blogger blog.

Meta Tag: Meta elements are typically used to provide website’s basic information to the search engines. In a website, there are some important subjects such as page title, page description, keyword, author etc. Although we have page title, description and keyword in our website, but these should be specified by putting in HTML code before search engines indexing. By specifying meta tags in HTML code, it can be clarified to the search engines that about what the website is.

Google Crawler: Meta tag is read by crawler. Google crawler will crawl the meta tag and will understand about the site’s subject-matter. When Google shows us result, we see a title (almost 50 characters), a description (almost 150 characters) and the site’s URL. So we have to set a title and a description. The title should be up to 50 characters and the description should be up to 150 characters by limit.

Blogger Meta Tag: In blogger blog, it is very easy to set the meta tag by HTML code. For setting meta tag in blogger blog, go towards “Edit HTML” option. Before second head-- </head>, put the following code and save template.

<meta content="your blog description is here" name="description" />
<meta content="your keywords are here" name="keywords" />
<meta content="your name is here" name="author" />

There are also more tags, but these three are very important. If you don’t want to put your keywords in HTML code, it doesn’t matter. But you have to put your keywords in your site URL, title, description, post title, permalink, image alt tag and so on.

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