Monday, January 4, 2016

SEO Tutorial | What is SMM?

organic seo tutorial what is smm
SEO Tutorial - What is SMM?
Dear friends, in this SEO Tutorial, I am discussing about SMM in brief. 
SMM is the short form of Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing is such a marketing method- own websites, business products, and services can be effectively promoted through the marketing of its.  There are lots of online media for own websites or business products promotion and expansion, and social media is very important among that. There are lots of social media in online. Some are very popular and well-known. Below is the list of social media with GooglePage Rank-

Twitter (Google Page Rank-10), Facebook (Google Page Rank-9), Youtube (Google Page Rank-9), Blogger (Google Page Rank-9), Google+ (Google Page Rank-9), LinkedIn (Google Page Rank-9), Flickr (Google Page Rank-9), Vk (Google Page Rank-9), Pinterest (Google Page Rank-9), Disqus (Google Page Rank-9), Myspace (Google Page Rank-8), Tumblr (Google Page Rank-8), Stumbleupon (Google Page Rank-8), Reddit (Google Page Rank-8), Xing (Google Page Rank-8), Digg (Google Page Rank-7), Hi5 (Google Page Rank-6).

Dear friends, I shall discuss about Social Media Marketing in details in my Organic SEO Tutorial later. Until then, stay with us.

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