Thursday, January 7, 2016

SEO Tutorial, Part-7 | Google Algorithm

organic seo tutorial google algorithm
SEO Tutorial - Google Algorithm
Dear friends, you all ‍know about search giant “Google” and it’s magic of showing our required information instantly. Google is the most popular search engine to us and we all know more or less about the  algorithm of Google. So, in this SEO Tutorial, I shall discuss about Google Algorithm in brief.

Google Algorithm: It's extremely complicated and continues to get more complicated as Google attempts its best to provide searchers with the information that they need. While Google evolved, its technicians, who were primarily focused on making the search engine results as relevant to users as possible. They continued to work on solutions to stop people from cheating, and looked at other ways to show the most relevant pages at the top of their searches. The algorithm now examines hundreds of different factors.

Google Algorithm’s Action: Actually Google Algorithm is the computer-based process and action that receives our queries and immediately provides us information. Basically, Search engine mostly start using a "spider" and it’s like a program. This program "crawls out" throughout the Internet to find brand-new relevant information from different websites. To guess searchers’ queries, Google Algorithm uses some methods. Google Algorithm depends on about 200 unique signals or “clues” that make it possible to guess what we might actually be looking for. It travels through hyperlinks as soon as it arrives on a website, it scans the web pages. The spider will analyze the features: Region, Relevant Content, Page Rank, Web Title, Body, Meta Tags & Description, Keyword and so on. When it founds all it’s requiring, it stores all in a database. Each page in the particular database is then ranked by applying few machine algorithms. The ranking depends on how you have optimized your website. To achieve a good ranking with the formula of Google Algorithm, you must know the SEO techniques by acquiring knowledge of the all SEO Tutorial tips that will make you able to get a high page rank.

There are three of the most significant algorithm changes that have happened within the last few years are the Panda algorithm, the Penguin algorithm and Hummingbird that we must know.

Dear friends, I shall discuss about the three algorithm changes step by step later in my site Organic SEO Tutorial. Soon I am coming to bring the next SEO Tutorial about Google Panda Algorithm. Until then, stay with us. Thanks.

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