Thursday, January 28, 2016

SEO Tutorial | Blog Posting

organic seo tutorial blog posting
SEO Tutorial - Blog Posting

In this SEO Tutorial, I shall discuss about a very important topic- “Blog Posting” for the SEO beginners.

You will be able to increase your creativity and experience by posting blog regularly. So, let’s try to understand this SEO Tutorial about Blog Posting so that you are experienced in writing skills in online marketing.

Blogging: At first, we should have a clear concept of blogging. A blog is an informative site written by an individual or a small group published in all over the world. Blogs are created for enjoying, for writing, for sharing own feelings, for communicating each others and even commercial purpose. If you want to be a content writer, you must have a website or at least a Blog site. As a new web content creator, you won't be able to work for client's website unless you have the idea of working in your own site.

Various Types of Blog Posts: There are various types of blog posts. For example- Tutorials Blogging, News Blogging, Conversations Blogging, Q&A Blogging, Personal Stories Blogging, Event Blogging, Insight Blogging, Guest Blogging, Business Updates Blogging, Link Blogging, Photos Blogging, Videos Blogging and so on.
  • Tutorials Blogging: A tutorial blog (such as Organic SEO Tutorial) is an informative, instructive and teachable site, from where visitors can acquire knowledge very easily. These types of blog sites are non-commercial and provide educative information step by step regularly for the students, who are eager to learn any tutorial of technical education.
  • News Blogging: These types of blogs provide newsworthy topics for the readers. Visitors get recent breaking news and give their opinions.
  • Conversations Blogging: People like to communicate each others by conversing on any important topic. This conversation may be about national affairs, political problems, professional matters or forum.
  • Q&A Blogging: These types of blogs have responsibilities to give answers of readers’ comments or questions. People have a common tendency to comment on any post or answer a question that is relevant to his affairs. By making a Q&A session blogging, traffic can be generated and any problem can be solved quickly.
  • Personal Stories Blogging: You can write about your personal stories in your blog. You may also focus your goals or your blog’s goals to the readers. In fact, people like to know or love to read about others life story, rise and fall, happiness and sorrow, success and failure of others. 
  • Event Blogging: You can write about an event where you have attended such as seminars, conferences, meeting etc. It will be praiseworthy for you, if you share your experiences of attendance in any event to whom that missed out it.
  • Insight Blogging: You can share your ideas, thoughts, experiences, insight of any subject matter that will be interesting to the readers. People like to share their thoughts each other and want to know others insight about life.
  • Guest Blogging: You can give your opinions about any relevant subject matter by posting blog in others posted blog. It will be helpful to the writer to know the public expressions about his writing. You can also write about any specific objective in others sites as a guest posting.
  • Business Updates Blogging: If you have a business or a company, you can update your company services’ information, brand promotion and news. People can know information of products, services, offers by this type of blog posting. You need to know product description writing to launch any product.
  • Link Blogging: When readers read any important topic, there may be lack of information, which is necessary for them to know. So after posting a blog, you should link at the bottom of the blog as a blog source or more relevant information. By this, readers will be benefited and get more detail information by visiting the following link.
There are also many types of blogging and these types of blogging are the most important for all. We should post blog regularly in own blog site or others blog sites. By this, we shall be able to be experienced in writing and we shall be appreciated by the readers for providing important information.

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