Thursday, January 7, 2016

SEO Tutorial, Part-9 | Google “Penguin” Algorithm

organic seo tutorial google penguin algorithm
SEO Tutorial - Google Penguin Algorithm
In the last SEO Tutorial, we have got idea about Google “Panda” Algorithm. Now we shall know this SEO Tutorial about Penguin Algorithm. Penguin is also an algorithm like Panda, but there is some difference between Panda and Penguin. Let’s know this SEO Tutorial about Penguin Algorithm. 

Penguin Algorithm: The Penguin algorithm initially rolled out on April 24, 2012. In fact, Panda and Penguin walk apart. Panda works to verify the accuracy of the content of the websites and Penguin works to check the accuracy of the link building. The purpose of Penguin is to reduce the trust that Google has in sites that have cheated by creating unnatural backlinks so as to gain a favor in the Google results. While the principal focus of Penguin is actually on unnatural links. We knew before the SEO Tutorial about Black Hat SEO that how black seo tries to gain page rank by creating unnatural backlinks. But it is not possible now to create unnatural backlinks or spammy links by making fool the Penguin.

Influence of the Penguin Algorithm: The Google Penguin update means the mission of the losing strategy to them, who try to perform Black Hat SEO. We have already discussed about Black Hat SEO in our previous SEO Tutorial. Google has taken this step (Penguin Update) so that only those websites can gain top ranking in Google search results, which websites have many organic backlinks in the other websites and websites with irrelevant links, buying links, link farm can be penalized.

The Last Penguin 3.0 Update: Google updated their Penguin algorithm version 3.0 (Update 6) — October 17, 2014, which impacts around 1% of queries. This is a worldwide update basically working to check the websites with poor backlink profile. Sites with unnatural link profile will be demoted by this update. Webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes was quoted as saying:

“The new Penguin update will make webmaster’s life easier a bit and for most people it will make it a delight.”

Dear friends, the next Penguin update 4.0 may come soon and after knowing the next update, we shall try to discuss about the latest update in my Organic SEO Tutorial. Our next SEO Tutorial is Hummingbird. Until then, stay with us.

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