Monday, January 25, 2016

SEO Tutorial | Sitemap for Blogger

organic seo tutorial blogger sitemap
SEO Tutorial - Sitemap for Blogger
In this SEO Tutorial, I shall discuss about Blogger Sitemap. We have known about Google Indexing in our previous SEO Tutorial. Now we need to submit our blog sitemap into Google.

Sitemap: A sitemap is a list of pages or whole structure of a website. When we want to see any country or any country’s whole structure, at first we see the geographical map of the country for getting real idea or seeing whole structure of the country that we are looking for. Likewise, a sitemap provides overall information to the visitors and to the search engines. In fact, sitemap is more important for the search engines than others. If we don’t submit our website’s sitemap to the search engines, it will be difficult for the search engines to identify our site’s whole information even many information may be ignored by the search engines.

So, you may realize the importance of submitting our website’s sitemap to the search engines. In this SEO Tutorial, now I am discussing about the submission of our blogger blog’s sitemap to the Google. You will be able to submit your blog’s sitemap to the Google very easily by following this SEO Tutorial. So, follow the steps that are given below.

2. In the webmasters tools home page, you will see the website’s list that you have indexed before. Select your prospective site from here.

3. In the left menu bar, click on the “crawl” button’s drop down arrow and select “Sitemaps”.

4. After selecting “sitemap”, you will see the red colored button “ADD/TEST SITEMAP” in the upper right site.

5. Click on the “ADD/TEST SITEMAP”.

6. After that, you will be provided a box. In the box, write or paste the following code and click on “Submit Sitemap”.


7. Then, click on the “Refresh the page” button.

Thus, your sitemap will be added in Google, but it will be pending for several days and after several days, you will see the amount of submitted pages and indexed pages of your site in Google.

Dear friends, following this SEO Tutorial, submit your blog's sitemap in Google easily.

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