Friday, January 8, 2016

SEO Tutorial, Part-12 | Google Sandbox

organic seo tutorial google sandbox
SEO Tutorial - Google Sandbox
Dear friends, today I shall discuss SEO Tutorial about Google Sandbox. It is a common sound to the freelancers and it may be new sound to the beginners. So I shall try to give a basic concept of SEO Tutorial about Google Sandbox for the beginners. Let’s know this SEO Tutorial about Google Sandbox.

Google Sandbox: In fact, Google Sandbox is like a filter that Google prevents the websites especially new websites to rank in the SERPs. When Google observes the fact that a new website has gained over ranking within a very short time, but pages do not match with the keywords or title; then Google suspects the pages as a spam. In such a situation, Google arrests the websites and sends to the Sandbox (like a prison house) to justify the websites that these have been optimizing in white site or black site. If the suspicion is wrong about the websites, Google releases the websites from the Sandbox.

Effects of the Sandbox: When you don’t find still page rank after knowing all SEO Tutorial tips and applying all White Hat SEO Tutorial tips and techniques on your website, it may be effect of the Google Sandbox. Or if you see your website at the bottom of the search list, which website was at the top of the search list, it may also effect of the Google Sandbox. There is a specific difference between the sandbox and deletion from SERPs. If your website is deleted from Google’s search results, you will not find your website in SERPs or Google may show you the message that “your search did not match any documents.  

However, if your website is placed in the Google sandbox, you need to apply white hat techniques on your website and to recover from the Sandbox, it may take six months or even one year. We discussed about white hat and black hat techniques in our previous SEO Tutorials and we must follow the Organic SEO Tutorial tips and techniques to keep away from Google Sandbox.

Dear friends, we should know that how to maintain the Google algorithm updates and how to keep away from Google Sandbox. So, my next SEO Tutorial will be about that. Until then, stay with us.

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