Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SEO Tutorial | Link Building

organic seo tutorial link building
SEO Tutorial - Link Building
In this SEO Tutorial, I shall discuss about “Link Building” as the most important part of Off-Page Optimization. We knew about the name of all important parts of Off-Page SEO in the previous SEO Tutorials. Now let’s go to acquire the basic knowledge of Link Building.

Link Building: Link Building (also known as Backlink Create) is the method of obtaining external pages to create link of your website. In fact, it is one of the most important techniques for increasing page rank applied in Off-Page SEO. By attempting backlink create, you will be able to gain page rank in Google. Google considers for page rank by huge amount of quality backlinks.  

In the field of search engine optimization, there are many ways to increase the number of inbound link to a webpage such as blog posting, forum posting, article submission, answer posting, comment posting, social media submission, business network submission, web directory submission, yellow pages submission, .gov/.edu link building, web 2.0 link building, reciprocal link building and so on.

Types of Link Building: There are various types of link building. In terms of the type of legal and illegal processes, there are two methods in link building such as Natural Link Building and Artificial Link Building.

Natural Link Building: Natural link building is a legal process in attempting for link building in external pages. It is also called by organic link building. This Organic SEO Tutorial page is for that too. Organic link building abides by the rules of search engine algorithm and it doesn’t follow any illegal or spammy practices. These types of link building are very difficult and time-consuming.

Artificial Link Building: Artificial Link Building is the opposite of Organic Link Building. These types of link building don’t abide by the rules of search engine algorithm and it is actually the process of spammy or automated link building. These types of link building are very easy and can be created hundreds of links within a short period of time.

Status of Links: There are two basic conditions of links such as do-follow links and no-follow links.

Do-follow Links: Do-follow links (rel=”dofollow”>) are the kinds of links created in the external pages, which are pointed by Google bots for its effectiveness that push SEO link juice and help to gain page rank. In fact, these types of links are clickable and visitors can easily visit by clicking on these links.

No-follow Links: No-follow links (rel=”nofollow”>) are the kinds of links created in the external pages, which are not pointed by Google bots for its uselessness that don’t push SEO link juice. These types of links are not clickable. In fact, most of the comments posting sites are rel=”nofollow”> and these sites don’t give chance for creating do-follow links. But if your post or comment is informative and attractive to the visitors, visitors must visit in your site by following the no-follow links. By this, you will get visitors in your site and visitors are also a main factor for increasing page rank. So, no-follow links may also help you for increasing page rank.

This SEO Tutorial is ending here and I shall continue with Off-Page SEO step by step. Until then, stay with us.

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