Thursday, January 21, 2016

SEO Tutorial, Part-17 | Blog Create

organic seo tutorial blog create
SEO Tutorial - Blog Create

In this SEO Tutorial, I shall discuss about Blog Create and the necessity of Blog for SEO beginners. 

In the previous SEO Tutorials- On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, I discussed that the importance of knowing first the On-Page and Off-Page basics. You may have a question that why do I need to create a blog? Or, what is the relationship between SEO and Blog?

Okey! Let's try to understand first that what the blog is. 

A blog is an informative site written by an individual or a small group published in all over the world. Blogs are created for enjoying, for writing, for sharing own feelings, for communicating each others and even commercial purpose. 

But Blogs are very necessary for the SEO beginners than others. In fact, if you want to be a seo professional, you must have a website or at least a blog site. As a new SEO worker, you won't be able to work for client's website unless you have the idea of working in your own site.

If you have a blog site and you work in your site regularly, you will be very an experienced in web page optimization. So, you may realize the necessity of Blog for SEO beginners. 

Before starting work in market places, you should create a blog site. I shall recommend you that you create a blog in blogger at first. It is very simple to create a blog in blogger. Go to the address- and create a new blog. Before creating a blog, listen to me. You should take decision that about what you will write or will be able to write regularly. By making decision about your writing, you have to select your blog keyword. For selecting a perfect keyword, go to the address- You need to have a g-mail address to create a blog and to use Google Adwords tools. You should choose a low competition keyword for your blog and put the keyword in your blog URL, blog title, meta tag, meta description, permalink, heading tag, image alt tag and almost all possible places you can do. I shall discuss about that later.

I am ending this SEO Tutorial here and very soon I shall bring On-Page optimization in detail in the next SEO Tutorials. Until then, stay with us and share your opinions with us. Thanks.  

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