Friday, January 8, 2016

SEO Tutorial, Part-14 | Google PageRank

organic seo tutorial google pagerank
SEO Tutorial - Google PageRank
In this SEO Tutorial, I am going to share with you about the factors of Google Page Rank. 

We have knowledge about the Google Page Rank more or less. Nevertheless, I think the beginners will be benefited to know this SEO Tutorial of the factors of Google Page Rank. So, let’s go to know this SEO Tutorial.     

Google Page Rank: When the result of our public examination is published, we get it as a system of GPA (Grade Point Average). Our GPA may range from 0.0 to 5.0 and we can understand that 0.0 is the worst of all or 5.0 is the best of all. Google also uses a method to measure the websites’ relevance or importance likewise. Our education system is GPA method and the importance of the websites in Google search results is Google PR (Page Rank) method. Google Page Rank is ranged from 0 to 10. So, it is clear to us what zero is or what ten is. But we should have clearer concept that what the range actually means to us. It is apprehensible that the important pages gain a higher Page Rank and may appear at the top of the SERPs. But it should be clear that what the meaning of the importance of the websites is to Google.

In this SEO Tutorial, I shall also try to share my experiences with you about the meaning of importance of any website to Google. In fact, Google Page Rank is based on quality backlinks and also including rich content, web authority, keyword density, visitors and so on. Let’s try to understand more this SEO Tutorial of zero to ten PR factors. A brief description has been presented below to you. I think you will be able to get an idea about Google Page Rank by seeing this range.

0 – Your website is not listed on Google or it is not good site.
1 – This website is very poor.
2 – It is also a poor site, but the good news is that you can improve.
3 – This is an average site.
4 – This is an above Average site.
5 – It is a good site.
6 – It is a great site for applying all SEO techniques and this site may gradually improve.
7 – In fact, it is almost a top positioned site.
8 – It is a very popular site like,, My
9 – It is a most popular site like,,, etc.
10 – This grade is actually reserved for the world’s best sites like,,,, etc.

This SEO Tutorial is ending here. I shall come again to bring new topic related with SEO. Until then, stay with us. Thanks all.

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