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SEO Tutorial | Keyword Research

organic seo tutorial keyword research
SEO Tutorial - Keyword Research
In this SEO Tutorial, I shall discuss about Keyword Research- a very important and the most necessary topic of On-Page Optimization.

We knew in the previous SEO Tutorials about all parts’ name and Keyword Research is one of them. In fact, Keyword is not only just an important topic but also the main factor of appearing your website in SERPs. So, we must try to understand this SEO Tutorial.

Keyword: Before knowing keyword research, firstly we need to know that what keyword is. When we need any information or data, we search for it in search engine’s search box by writing some phrases or words about our prospective requirements. Search Engine Algorithm shows us those websites that match according to the phrases or words accurately written in search box.

So you may realize the importance of this SEO Tutorial of keyword research. If you have a website or a blog site, you have to understand that by which words or phrases, your website can be searched by others. At first, you have to select a relevant keyword according to your website’s content and put it in the SEO related places of your website. If you don’t do it, your website will not be appeared in SERPs.

Keyword Research: You have to select a perfect keyword and it must be relevant to you website’s content. Now a question is how shall we understand that which keyword is perfect for our website? There are many keyword research tools for the SEO professionals. Let’s try to understand some of them.

Google Adwords: Google Adwords is a very popular and effective keyword research tool for the SEO beginners. You have to sign up in this tool by a g-mail ID. There are many options for researching keywords in Adwords tool such as Avg. monthly searches and Competition. These two options are very important than others. Your prospective keyword must be more in Avg. monthly searches and low in Competition. If you choose a keyword as high competition even medium competition, you will not be success to promote your website. Or, if you choose a keyword as very low monthly searches, it will be also a vain labor.

Google Trends: Google Trends is also an effective and a very popular tool for the SEO beginners. There are two important options for realizing the tendency of your prospective keyword such as Interest over time and Regional interest. In Interest over time, you will see the searching tendency of your prospective keyword by a chart. In Regional interest, you will easily know about country wise searches percentage. The searches percentage should be more in your own country and in those countries, where your business interests are.

Google Search: Google Search is also a good method to measure the effectiveness of your keyword. When you select a keyword, you should examine the keyword by writing it in Google search box. If the search result is huge, your effort will be wasted. In this situation, you have to make a long tail keyword to reduce the search result. When you make a long tail keyword, though the search result is reduced, but the global monthly search will be also reduced. So, you have to try to make such a long tail keyword that keyword will be perfect in all aspects.

I am ending this SEO Tutorial here. I have tried to give you a basic idea about keyword research. I shall come to bring a new topic in the next SEO Tutorial. Until then, stay with us. Thanks.

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