Thursday, January 7, 2016

SEO Tutorial, Part-10 | Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm

organic seo tutorial hummingbird algorithm
SEO Tutorial - Hummingbird Algorithm
Dear friends, in this SEO Tutorial, I shall discuss about the new Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm. It is a new update and many of us are curious about its name. So let’s try to understand this SEO Tutorial about “Hummingbird”.

Hummingbird Algorithm: Hummingbird algorithm first launched on August 20, 2013 and Google made their announcement about Hummingbird on September 26, 2013. After appearing this algorithm, naturally we tried to know that why it is called “Hummingbird”. Google told us the name come from being “precise and fast”. Actually “Hummingbird” overrates “authority building” than “link building”. There is a slightly difference between “authority building” and “link building”. Authority Building means creating links in other websites with proving yourself as a specialist. In fact, many inexpert workers create links in other websites without SEO Tutorial knowledge. Hummingbird gives the importance of SEO expert’s link building and therefore, we must know all organic SEO Tutorial tips.   

Influence of the Hummingbird Algorithm: In fact, Hummingbird is an absolutely different than Penguin or Panda. People were telling that Hummingbird pulled down their rankings. If the Hummingbird algorithm was truly accountable for catastrophic ranking fluctuations then we really should have seen an outcry from the SEO world of something drastic happening in August of 2013, and this did not happen. There did seem to be some type of fluctuation that happened around August 21 as reported here on Search Engine Round Table, but there were not many sites that reported huge ranking alterations on that day. If you think that Hummingbird affected you, it's not a bad idea to look at your traffic to see if you noticed a drop on October 4, 2013 that was actually a refresh of the Penguin algorithm.

I suppose that many people who thought that they were affected by Hummingbird were actually affected by Penguin which happened just a week after Google made their announcement about Hummingbird.

Dear friends, we should know all updates of Google Algorithm. So my next SEO Tutorial will be about the Google Algorithm Change history. We shall just see the updates version and date in the next SEO Tutorial. Until then, stay with us.

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